Simone Blakers Liquid CX

CX. Social. Digital. Data. CRM. Marketing Automation

With over 20 years experience in the marketing industry (and being a geek at heart), I have a passion for combining emerging technology, data and social media to build brand experiences that achieve a positive return on investment.

I started my career in direct marketing, learning from industry greats about the power of data-driven marketing and how to create customer relationships with optimal lifetime value.

As digital evolved, I became known for incorporating technology into marketing solutions – from call centres to chatbots; from direct mail to mobile apps; from offline activations to digital brand immersions; from retail displays to eCommerce; from brand campaigns to world-first product innovations; from advertising to engagement and from CRM to social loyalty.

Having led digital agencies in both Australia and UK, I have gained invaluable experience across a wide range of blue-chip brands in Retail, FMCG, QSR, Tourism, Entertainment, Education, Automotive, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Technology.

Liquid CX returns me to a strategic consulting role where I can directly impact my client’s business.

Simone Blakers

Customer Experience Consultant