what makes liquid cx different?

Liquid CX develops modern customer experiences that protect your margin and create brand differentiation. It is the combination of three core ingredients that makes Liquid CX different – it’s led by Creative Strategy, enhanced with Social Psychology and enabled by Data & Technology.

Creative strategy

Great customer experiences are intuitive, frictionless and surprising expressions of your brand. Human-centred-design principles are the key to unlocking creativity in experience design.

Social Psychology 

To be truly fluid, your customer experience must utilise the psychology of social behaviour, by understanding the moments-of-truth that entice sharing and generate word-of-mouth.

Data & Tech Enabled

Activation of data and technology are essential in ensuring seamless, personalised experiences. Liquid CX takes you from business case, to prototype, to marketing automation and optimisation.


Don’t know where to start?

Auditing your customer experience is the best place to start. Get in touch to discuss the different levels of CX audits available.